Data released showed improving home-based care deliver can have measurable impacts on health plan costs

NEW YORK—Tomorrow Health, a home-based health care platform, released new data with Geisinger Health Plan (GHP), illustrating how improving home-based care delivery can have measurable impacts on health plan costs, member satisfaction and overall health outcomes for patients. 
Whether managing a long-term illness or recovering from a procedure, more than two-thirds of U.S. adults prefer to receive care at home (versus a medical facility) following a major medical event. However, more than 70% of patients report significant difficulty getting prescribed home-based care across fragmented suppliers. Without the infrastructure needed to streamline the at-home care journey, those discharged to home care have higher rates of hospital readmissions
“Tomorrow Health’s transformative approach to home-based care has streamlined the entire process for our providers, suppliers and patients,” said Dr. John Bulger, D.O., MBA, chief medical officer at Geisinger Health Plan. “For thousands of our patients, home-based care is their best option—it drives better health outcomes and, just as importantly, fosters a better quality of life. Working with Tomorrow Health allows us to arm our patients with the care, collaboration and supplies they need to take care of their health from home, and that is truly invaluable.” 
As one of Pennsylvania’s health plans, GHP manages the care of more than 600,000 members across the state, both in facilities and at home. However, when Tomorrow Health began working with the health plan in 2021, Geisinger was having challenges delivering home-based care for its members, which resulted in costly operations and an unpredictable care experience for patients and their caregivers. 
Tomorrow Health helped Geisinger deliver more seamless home-based care for patients, caregivers, providers and suppliers. Tomorrow Health’s infrastructure, suite of products, matching technology and supplier optimization helped create a measurable impact on Geisinger’s bottom line and patient experience. Results include: 

  • A 4x return on investment (ROI);
  • 95% GHP member satisfaction rate;
  • 87% end-to-end visibility of orders placed by providers through Tomorrow Health’s online portal;
  • 83% reduction in care and supply delivery times since March 2021;
  • 93% of suppliers in Geisinger’s network now have a 4 or 5 (out of 5) customer satisfaction rating;
  • 100% of suppliers saw improved performance with Tomorrow Health.

“We are grateful to work with Geisinger to improve the home-based care experience for over 600,000 members in Pennsylvania,” said Vijay Kedar, founder and CEO of Tomorrow Health. “Together we’ve leveraged technology to improve the home-based care process for Geisinger’s expansive network of providers and suppliers, and delivered meaningful care outcomes for patients and families. It’s an honor to work with a pioneering organization like Geisinger to shape the future of care at home.”  
To learn more about Tomorrow Health and Geisinger Health Plan’s work together, download a copy of “The Current State of Home-Based Care” here