DALLAS (January 12, 2021)—A new industry trends report based on a survey conducted by Axxess, a technology provider for care at home, reveals nearly three-quarters of respondents from large care at home organizations indicated their organization would require COVID-19 vaccinations and 90% indicated their organization would increase staff resources for diversity, equity and inclusion in 2021.

“The report confirms that the care at home industry is leaning in to address major challenges to providing the best possible care,” said Axxess founder and CEO John Olajide. “The industry is also focused on finding solutions that will help them navigate the impact of continual regulatory changes and addressing staffing challenges. Axxess is committed to innovating to meet industry needs because we know the future of care is in the home.”

The survey of thousands of home health, hospice and homecare organizations of all sizes confirmed that many home health organizations are at least somewhat concerned about the financial impact of no-pay RAPs, but there is more confidence among larger organizations that they will manage the change effectively.

The survey, which included respondents from all levels of organizations, including management and caregivers directly working with patients and clients, revealed that about a third of those responding felt the COVID-19 challenge did not increase staff turnover. Of those experiencing increased staff turnover, risking exposure to COVID-19 was cited among 14% overall, with fewer than 10% among larger organizations indicating that was a factor.

Some 55% of respondents from larger organizations with more than 500 employees indicated they started a telemonitoring program in response to COVID-19, while 22% already had one in place.

The survey, conducted over several weeks in late 2020, confirmed increasing productivity and reducing staff turnover, using analytics and reports to enhance strategic planning and drive growth, and documentation and reporting capabilities to prevent financial penalties were the primary objectives of using technology among larger organizations.

The 2021 Industry Trends Survey Report is available for download and includes suggested best practices from experts at Axxess for care at home organizations to consider to grow business and remain compliant in the new year.