CHICAGO (April 1, 2021)—Sunset Healthcare Solutions has acquired skin care favorites RoEzIt Dermal Care and CPAP Moisture Therapy from Texas-based brand Lousal Enterprises, Inc.

RoEzIt Dermal Care is primarily designed to combat the side effects of oxygen therapy. CPAP Moisture Therapy is designed to address the side effects of CPAP therapy. The patented formulas are both petroleum-free and designed to increase patient compliance.

Patients receiving oxygen and CPAP therapies often combat side effects that bring significant pain and negatively impact the compliance rate. Both therapies can cause extreme nasal dryness and irritation due to the continuous flow of air going through and around the nasal passages. With oxygen treatment, patients may experience tissue irritation from the nasal prongs rubbing against the inside of the nose. With CPAP treatment, patients may report skin irritation and skin breakdown caused by nasal pillows or masks rubbing against the skin. Caregivers report that patients who develop these side effects decrease their compliance rates.

Previous manufacturer Lousal Enterprises, Inc. was founded by Glenn Gist, Sr., of Fort Worth, Texas in 1990 and named after his wife Sally Lou. Lousal specialized in petroleum-free emollients to help prevent and treat irritating side effects that often accompany focused therapies.

Sunset Healthcare Solutions Vice President of Business Development PJ Ruflin says the products are a great fit for the health care company.

“Sunset was a successful reseller of these products for years, and when they were no longer available, it quickly became apparent that the market and patient base really missed them,” said Ruflin. “Sunset is invested in supporting the DME community through great products and service and thereby benefiting the patients our DME community serves. These products are right in line with that, as they provide clinical benefit to patients, drive compliance with therapy, and provide a great cash sale opportunity for the DME.”

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