FRESNO, California—Sunrise Medical has announced the launch of the new LECKEY MyWay+ Gait Trainer. The MyWay+ has a minimalist, open-frame design that supports children in an upright position, improving stepping and maximizing opportunities for exploration, interaction, and participation.

A unique frame combined with a wraparound harness and a wide range of accessories ensures MyWay+ can be tailored to meet every need and ability. By listening to your feedback, we have opened even more possibilities for children to develop physical, cognitive, and social skills and to explore without limitations.

Early intervention is key to optimizing a child's potential, so the size 1 frame has been re-sized to better accommodate younger children’s body proportions and give them the best opportunity to develop their physical, cognitive, and social skills right from the get-go. 

MyWay+ brings individuality to the world of walking frames. Its new, robust indoor-outdoor wheels ensure there's no limit to what path the child takes. The sturdy wheels have side-step technology and come with anti-rollback, direction lock and variable resistance as standard.

A wide range of accessories can be combined to tailor the frame to every child's needs and abilities. To provide additional forearm stability for children with low tone, new complex user handles are offered that have numerous adjustments and a choice of grips. A complex headrest is now available for additional head support. For smaller users, a narrow saddle is a new option that reduces hip abduction. A new saddle drop attachment can also be ordered to limit thigh adduction and scissoring gait.