FRESNO, Calif. (April 30, 2019)—Sunrise Medical announced the expansion of the popular JAY J3 wheelchair backrest product line, now available in over 40 Posterior Deep (PD) sizes. Finding the right fit for a client is essential for greater postural stability, positioning and comfort. Now with over 850 J3 Back configurations, finding the right fit is simpler than ever.

Introduced in 2007, the JAY J3 backrest was one of the first to use anthropometric data—or measurements of the size and proportions of the human body—to perfect backrest contours, shapes and heights for client sizes, lifestyles and levels of injury. HCPCS coded E2620, the JAY J3 PD Back is a favorite among clinicians due to its comfortable dual layer foam, J3 Back’s quick-release hardware, and nearly endless modification options. The dual layer, multi-density foam assists in enhancing durability and client comfort. The layered 3DXTM Spacer Fabric and Lycra stretch cover helps promote airflow and wicks moisture keeping clients cool and dry.

The JAY J3 Back is versatile, lightweight and adjustable with numerous hardware choices, which allow for easy installation and quick removal. Offered in five contour shapes and four support heights, the J3 backrest provides a multitude of options to help clinicians find the right fit for their clients. The J3 PD’s 6-inch deep contour depth provides midline postural support and positioning, while the curved 7-inch tall built in contoured laterals offer thoracic stability.

Clinicians understand that fit comes first, with this product line expansion, heights now range from 8 inches to 24 inches and widths from 12 inches to 20 inches. This gives clinicians more options to help find that optimal fit for their clients’ positioning, comfort and lifestyle needs. Through the JAY Your Way program, clients can express their individual style and choose from a variety of multicolored shells and covers, add embroidery or a military service patch.

“The J3 PD Backrest has been a game changer since it’s successful 2016 introduction. We are excited to now offer the popular PD contour across a broader range of widths and heights to better serve our customers and their specific individual needs,” said Barbara Bowden, associate product manager, seating.

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