FRESNO, Calif. (May 9, 2022)—Sunrise Medical is pleased to announce the launch two new power wheelchairs—on in the pediatric ZIPPIE line and one in the adult QUICKIE line. 

“We are so excited to now offer pediatric power seating on our most compact power wheelchair base,” said Jeff Rogers, director of power product management. 

With a patented, all-wheel independent suspension, the narrowest true mid-wheel drive base available, an ultra-small 17-inch turning radius, and a 17-inch seat-to-floor height, the ZIPPIE Mini offers children the independence to safely explore a wide variety of environments.

With optional C-Me seat elevation, children can drive up to 3 miles per hour while elevated up to 12 inches, without locking out the suspension or needing to stop while transitioning. Up to 50 degrees of power tilt, with a wide range of JAY cushions and backs, and WHITMYER headrests are available to address any seating needs. Components such as footplates, leg supports, back height, seat width and seat depth can grow with the child and be adjusted individually. The ZIPPIE Mini can be personalized with seven striking accent colors or a wide variety of painted shrouds for an expressive, individual look.

Sunrise Medical is also introducing the brand new QUICKIE Q200 R, a compact rear-wheel drive power wheelchair that does not compromise on performance. 

“With the Q200 R, our vision was to create a true indoor/outdoor power chair. One with super-tight indoor maneuverability and zero compromise on outdoor stability and performance,” said Rogers. “A large drive base means difficulty when maneuvering in tight environments. Too small, and it becomes tippy with a loss of traction. In development, we tested hundreds of configurations to find the perfect combination of maneuverability and performance.”

The result is the QUICKIE Q200 R, a legitimately compact power wheelchair that delivers outstanding traction, stability, and even the ability to climb three-inch curbs. Starting at just 216 pounds, the Q200 R works great with hoist and boom style vehicle lifts. With a fully fold-down back and removable leg and arm supports, the Q200 R will snugly fit in most SUVs or vans. The compact, 23-inch wide base provides great traction when travelling up ramps and oversized 9-inch front casters offer better obstacle climbing than typically seen in rear-wheel drive power wheelchairs.

Seating options include both rehab and captain style seating systems. The minimal design of the rehab seat alleviates weight capacity concerns when using aftermarket equipment, and traditional one-inch back posts easily fit a wide range of JAY backrests. The captain seat provides a relaxed sitting position and features a semi-recline fold-down back, adjustable seat depth, and convertible seat pan that allows you to use your preferred cushion.

“We at Sunrise Medical are always looking for innovations that help provide the best products to our customers,” said Rogers. “These two launches increase the mobility and independence from our youngest consumers to those young at heart.” 

The Sunrise Medical power wheelchair portfolio now includes six seating options, five different bases and a wide variety of options helping people improve their lives regardless of their mobility needs.

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