The headset allows users to control their power wheelchairs with subtle head movements

MALSCH, Germany—Sunrise Medical is announced the launch of the Switch-It Vigo head control. The Vigo is a wireless, proportional head control that allows drivers to control their power wheelchairs and other devices with subtle and intuitive head movements.

Sunrise Medical said the device is designed to provide optimal comfort and convenience, with features such as wireless and discreet design, smooth intuitive control, power seating functions, perfectly positioned placement and mouse mode for computer, smartphone or tablet control.

The Vigo uses a gyroscope and Bluetooth to provide a wireless, proportional head controller incorporated into a headset. Small gyroscope sensors measure head movements in three dimensions. The headset then transfers this information via Bluetooth to a small receiver that attaches to the Omni 2 wheelchair control display screen. This display screen is commonly used with all special input devices on Sunrise Medical wheelchairs. 

For more information about the Switch-It Vigo, visit here