FRESNO, Calif. (March 9, 2016)—Sunrise Medical is pleased to announce new enhancements to the JAY GS cushion. The GS was first introduced to the market in 1996 and has the unique capability of growing and adapting with the user, making it an outstanding solution for growing kits and young adults. Now available in an Adjustable Skin Protection model (coded E2622) and an Adjustable Skin Protection & Positioning model (coded E2624), with fully assembled with positioning components, and with JAY's latest cushion cover technology, the GS is easier than ever to order and fit.

“The GS provides the user outstanding support at all times, even as they grow,” says Jeff Rogers, JAY Product Manager. “Now E2622 and E2624 code-verified, the GS will be more accessible to individuals who would benefit from a cushion that grows and adapts with them.”

The JAY GS utilizes a durable, maintenance-free foam base with a large well cutout that allows the user to sit at the front of the cushion to start. As they grow, shelf extensions can be added to increase the front length of the cushion and provide additional support for longer leg lengths.

The GS is available with an extensive selection of 2-inch and 3-inch positioning components, including lateral pelvic supports, lateral thigh supports, medial thigh supports and additional shelf extensions. It is topped with loop-side VELCRO that allows the positioning components to be moved and rearranged as the user grows.

The GS also features a JAY Flow fluid insert for superior skin protection, and a stretch cover that utilizes X-STATIC fiber to inhibit bacterial growth and 3DX spacer fabric to promote airflow.

“JAY has been developing industry-leading seating products for more than three decades,” Rogers says. “It’s exciting when we have the chance to combine time-tested designs with the latest technology on the market. What a great way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the JAY GS!”

Visit the JAY GS page at to see how the cushion grows and learn more!