EXETER, PA (January 4, 2016)—Pride Mobility Products Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of its new online Lift Finder configuration and application tool. Lift Finder is designed to assist consumers and providers in matching the proper Pride Lift with a vehicle and mobility product.

At the core of Pride’s Lift Finder is an industry-leading IT database. Via drop-down menus, consumers or providers select a combination of the exact vehicle and mobility product, and then a list of compatible lifts appears. The user can browse all compatible lifts, read important application footnotes, and then click a link that takes the user to the complete lift product’s specifications page. From there, consumers can also enter their information to be contacted by an authorized Pride Lift local provider.

Lift Finder is continuously updated with new vehicle, mobility product and lift specifications, so consumers and providers are assured to have the most accurate compatibility resource.

“We know how difficult it can be for consumers and providers to match the right lift to the vehicle and mobility product application,” explains Randy Walsh, Vice President of Jazzy and Retail Sales. “Lift Finder is an intuitive online tool that removes any confusion, creating a clear match between the vehicle, mobility product, and lift options for the most informed purchase decision.”

Pride’s Lift Finder is found here, as well on each Pride Lift product’s specifications page. 

Visit pridemobility.com for more information.