This event marks a partnership between SCAN and Long Beach State University and celebrates SCAN's 40th year.

LONG BEACH, Calif. (March 15, 2017) SCAN, a senior-focused organization with the mission of keeping seniors healthy and independent, today announced it will cohost a colloquium on aging and independence in partnership with Long Beach State University and the City of Long Beach on Wednesday, April 12, 2017. The event, titled “Aging Reimagined: A Community Approach to Health and Independence,” will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. PT at the Walter Pyramid on Long Beach State University’s campus, and will feature panel discussions and presentations by educators, city officials, industry leaders and senior health care experts. The colloquium is the first of several community and employee engagement initiatives SCAN has planned in 2017 to celebrate the organization’s 40th anniversary.

“We are so pleased to be marking 40 years of supporting seniors—not only in Long Beach but across California—with a collaborative event designed to focus attention and efforts on the needs of seniors in our local communities,” said Chris Wing, CEO of SCAN. “We hope event attendees—who represent academia, private and nonprofit organizations, and government—will gain insights to better understand how we can provide a cohesive network of support for seniors.”

Tim Carpenter, founder and executive director of EngAGE and host and producer of radio show “Experience Talks,” will serve as event emcee, lending his significant expertise to further amplify program discussions. EngAGE is a nonprofit that transforms aging and the way people think about aging by turning affordable senior living communities in Southern California into centers of learning, wellness and creativity. Carpenter, who serves on the board of the National Center for Creative Aging, is widely recognized as a notable advocate for senior wellness.

John Keisler, director of Economic and Property Development with the City of Long Beach, will deliver the keynote presentation on emerging technologies and local incubators that help older adults maintain their independence. Additional sessions and panel discussions will focus on topics essential to supporting senior health and wellness. Participants will address research on seniors’ attitudes toward aging, best practices in care and funding, employment and volunteer opportunities, strategies that enable seniors to stay active and continue learning, and ways to build productive government, academic, provider and community partnerships in support of local seniors.

Additional speakers and panelists include:

  • Anne Tumlinson, CEO of Anne Tumlinson Innovations, LLC and founder of Daughterhood
  • Romilla Batra, chief medical executive, SCAN Group
  • Kelly Colopy, director, City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services
  • Marie Knight, director, City of Long Beach Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine
  • Brian Budzinski, cofounder, College of Business Administration Incubator at Long Beach State University

“Long Beach State University is committed to being an innovator and leader in community health. We are honored to host this monumental event and it is timely that it occurs during the school’s Wellness Week,” said Dr. Monica Lounsbery, dean of the College of Health & Human Services at Long Beach State University. “Wellness is a broad-based term and it encompasses the social, behavioral, mental and physical aspects of health across the lifespan. Wellness Week promotes awareness of and engagement in healthful behaviors and lifestyle. Hence, celebrating SCAN’s 40th anniversary during this time could not be more fitting.”

SCAN, Long Beach State University and the City of Long Beach are dedicated to ensuring seniors have access to quality care and community services. The colloquium exemplifies the collaborative work of these entities to advance healthy and independent living, and positively influence quality of life for seniors.

“Health care is the largest employment sector in Long Beach, and we are fortunate to have a home-grown organization like SCAN in our community that is at the forefront of senior care,” said Keisler of the City of Long Beach. “Through dedicated resources and research, Long Beach has become a best practices leader in supporting the elderly, and we are pleased to participate in this colloquium to share the City of Long Beach’s role in this important endeavor.”

Attendance at the colloquium is invitation only. Additional information and key takeaways will be made available to the public following the event.

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