SACRAMENTO, Calif.(August 7, 2019)—Anthem Blue Cross has partnered with CareMore Health and River City Medical Group (RCMG) to introduce a new, first-of-its kind model of care that provides comprehensive, home-based services for Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal consumers in the Sacramento area who are chronically ill and have complex healthcare needs.

The CareMore home-based program identifies RCMG patients to be treated by CareMore health care professionals, and offers a full range of services such as physical and mental health care as well as social service supports that are delivered in the comfort of individuals’ homes. Treatment plans are customized to meet unique needs, and may include services such as diabetes management, wound care, preventative care procedures, physical therapy, mental health counseling, health education, and more. This model of care helps simplify healthcare and makes services more accessible for those with complex health conditions.

“Through the CareMore home-based program, Anthem Blue Cross offers new solutions that address the unique needs of chronically ill individuals, expands access to services and helps physicians improve health outcomes for our consumers with the most complex needs,” said Dr. Barsam Kasravi, president of Anthem Blue Cross Medicaid Health Plan. “We are pleased to be leading this innovative effort with valued partners, who are aligned in our mission to improve lives in the communities we serve.”

Anthem Blue Cross and CareMore have been working collaboratively with RCMG physicians and clinics since May to identify Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal consumers within a 20-mile radius of Sacramento, who would benefit from this program. Once eligible individuals are identified and agree to participate in the program, a multi-specialty CareMore team works with primary care physicians to conduct in-home assessments and customize care plans that can help people take control of their health and improve their lives.

"Delivering care in a person's home is valuable because it allows us to identify the social and environmental factors that may be impacting their health," said Dr. Chris Lillis, CareMore Assistant Regional Medical Officer. "We learn more about barriers to care and personal preferences, which is important for addressing health concerns and providing whole person care. CareMore is known for its common-sense, innovative approach to addressing complex health and social issues, and we are excited to work with our partners to bring quality home-based care to the Sacramento community."

“Many people find it challenging to engage health care in more traditional ways, such as finding specialists, making appointments and going to doctors’ offices,” said Dr. Demetria Malloy, Medical Director of Anthem Blue Cross Medicaid Health Plan. “They feel comfortable and safe at home, so this program brings comprehensive care to where people are best able to receive it. It’s an important step toward improving access to care and making a meaningful impact on lives.”

RCMG is the first Anthem Blue Cross care provider to participate in the CareMore home-based program and has contributed valuable insight that has helped design and launch the program. RCMG is one of Northern California’s largest independent physician associations, consisting of approximately 1,600 network physicians and 600 provider and clinic locations that serve more than 250,000 Medi-Cal beneficiaries, including approximately 150,000 Anthem Blue Cross consumers. Anthem Blue Cross will work closely with RCMG and CareMore to track health outcomes and metrics related to the program to identify opportunities for improvement and potential expansion.

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