FRANKENMUTH, Mich. (April 27, 2021)—Telerespiratory company rtNOW announced a new line of services aimed at the home medical equipment (HME) market, collectively known as “rtNOW HME Services”. 

These services include Remote PAP Setup, Remote PAP Adherence, Remote Vent Follow-Up, and their previous HME On-Call service.

“We are excited to empower HME companies with these new service lines. They will provide a pressure relief valve for HME companies and their respiratory therapists during the current and growing respiratory therapist shortage. Our HME Services line will allow companies to scale fearlessly, taking care of a costly bottleneck that would otherwise be an obstacle,” said Chuck Stadler, Jr., president and CEO of rtNOW.

The service line includes flexible price-per-visit options, and includes rtNOW staff using their proprietary telehealth software, CoreLink, to establish a secure HIPPA compliant video connection.

“Our executive leadership includes a respiratory therapist with HME experience. Our eyes have been on the HME space for years, and we are now able to bring a cost-effective, per-visit model to HME companies that want to be a hero to their staff respiratory therapists while preventing ‘RT burnout,’ said Stadler. “Our company's purpose is to empower respiratory care, and we are excited to drive healthcare forward with innovative services for HME providers.”

rtNOW is a telerespiratory staffing company based in Frankenmuth, Michigan that services clients nationwide. It has unique access to experienced, licensed, respiratory therapists, and is known as a pioneer in telerespiratory care.

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