SANTA MONICA, Calif. (November 16, 2021)—GoodRx, Inc., America’s digital resource for health care, released a new report on the State of Telehealth, examining the role the COVID-19 pandemic has played in reshaping virtual care and patient-provider interactions. 
After surveying over 1,000 patients and more than 600 health care providers, the GoodRx Research team in collaboration with the American Telemedicine Association found that virtual health visits have led to better outcomes and increased interactions. Key findings include: 

  • Consumers reported convenience and increased interaction with providers: About 40% of consumers reported they interacted more with their providers because of telehealth appointments. Many consumers also viewed virtual visits equally to in-person visits when it came to quality of care, comfort level with their providers, and cost. Compared to in-person visits, consumers reported telehealth helped them more easily schedule appointments and 40% noted that they spend more time with their providers.
  • Providers report telehealth visits have led to improved medication adherence: Over 70% of providers said continuity of care was better or much better with telehealth, with more than 40% reporting it was better than in-person care. In addition, 60% said telehealth has improved medication adherence and resulted in better conversations about healthcare costs with patients. 
  • Most consumers report that they will use telehealth post-pandemic, with many turning to a hybrid model: Before the pandemic, only 17% of consumers had used telehealth. Now, over 60% of consumers plan on using a hybrid model of care that combines in-person and telehealth visits. More than 80% of health care providers plan to continue offering telemedicine to patients.
  • No-show rates for telehealth visits may be a drawback for providers: Almost half of providers (45%) indicated that no-show rates for telehealth appointments were higher or much higher than that of in-person rates. 

“The pandemic may have accelerated telehealth adoption out of necessity, but it has proven to be an essential tool for connecting people to the care they need,” said Tori Marsh, Director of Research at GoodRx. “Our research shows that telehealth has helped with medication adherence for patients while also making care more convenient and accessible. Telehealth is here to stay, and will remain an important part of care long after the pandemic subsides.”

Positive sentiment from both patients and providers aligns with the growth GoodRx has seen in its own telehealth service, GoodRx Care. Demand has more than tripled since the onset of the pandemic, with visits reaching an all-time high in September 2021. With more than 400,000 reviews from internal surveys, the service enjoys a 92% satisfaction rate (based on average rating of 4.59 out of 5). By providing consumers with a quick and easy way to see a licensed medical provider for a range of primary care services, GoodRx has helped consumers avoid an estimated $243 million in medical costs to date, according to internal data. 
You can view the full State of Telehealth report here.