SPARTANBURG, S.C. (September 20, 2022)—RedSail Technologies has launched and implemented Axys by Integra, an all-new cloud-based pharmacy management system created for long-term care. Partnering with Guardian Pharmacy of Indianapolis, the site successfully went live the first week of September.

Bob Bates, president of Integra, said, “Axys is an entirely new long-term care pharmacy platform. We have been on a two-year journey to build Axys from the ground up, specifically for this industry. We listened to what these pharmacies need and understand the direction in which industry technology is headed.”

David Martin, vice president of technology and senior security officer for Guardian Pharmacy Services, said, “As a company, we are constantly evaluating and developing innovative technologies to help our local pharmacies increase efficiency while maintaining stringent safety protocols to better serve our customers. We believe the Axys system will streamline our effort. And, because it is fully cloud and browser based, it will simplify the technology infrastructure needs within each individual pharmacy.”

“Partnering with future-minded pharmacies like Guardian of Indianapolis is exciting for our team,” said Bates. “We align on vision because we designed Axys based on feedback from pharmacies just like theirs. The team at Guardian is continually looking forward, and Axys is built to meet the needs of these modern pharmacies.”

RedSail’s mission is to build the most clinically advanced and financially sustainable pharmacy network in the country. Key to that mission is giving long-term care pharmacies a cutting-edge pharmacy management system that empowers them to expand their business while keeping patients at the center of care.

“As a rapidly growing pharmacy, we are often hiring new technicians, and it’s important for us to be able to onboard them in a quick, efficient manner,” said Bryce McCoy, data entry supervisor at Guardian Pharmacy of Indianapolis. “This system has been designed with the user in mind—it’s fast, intuitive and easy to use, enhancing our productivity, which in turn allows us to focus our energy on resident care and customer service.”
RedSail continues development on Axys, focused on modern technology and the needs of long-term care pharmacy. RedSail will continue rolling out Axys to selected sites over the coming months.

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