EXETER, Penn. (January 16, 2017)—Quantum Rehab is pleased to announce its introduction of Q-Logic 3 Advanced Drive Controls, a next-generation of market-inspired complex rehab power chair electronics.

Building upon a legacy of technologically-advanced features for the user, clinician and ATP, Q-Logic 3 incorporates two years of market feedback into an intuitive yet highly-customizable platform that solves previously unaddressed needs in complex rehab electronics.

“The force behind Q-Logic 3 was to meet the needs of all involved in the process of fitting, adapting and using complex rehab power chair electronics,” shares Jay Doherty, senior clinical education manager. “The market expressed needing ultimate driving and function control, regardless of input device, in an exceptionally set-up friendly, intuitive platform. Q-Logic 3 is a direct result of those expressed needs.”

Among Q-Logic 3’s exclusive features is Clinician Mode, allowing efficient, client set-up for specialty controls. “We recognized that clinicians needed a better way to set-up advanced drive controls, so Clinician Mode allows selecting the input device via the system’s menu, and then easily fine-tuning it to the user in real time. The result is quicker, more optimal outcomes,” explains Doherty.

Further answering market needs, Q-Logic 3 features iAccess, four programmable toggles that allow easy access up to 19 functions. This allows the user direct, intuitive access to the multitude of functions found on Q-Logic 3, from seating functions to controlling Bluetooth devices. Additionally, a simplified Home Screen displays all user-sought data in an easy-to-read format that’s likewise customizable. Wireless programming, automatic firmware updates and the capability to use up to six input devices round out among Q-Logic 3’s other innovations.

“We’re excited that Q-Logic 3’s technology and features will allow clinicians and ATPs to do more, with greater efficiency and, most importantly, achieve the best functional and performance outcomes tailored to each user,” adds Doherty.

Please click here to see a video of the many new market-inspired features of Q-Logic 3 Advanced Drive Controls.

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