SPARTANBURG, S.C. (October 6, 2016)—QS/1 has announced the release of an interface from its Workflow process to the eNGAGE Patient Management platform.

eNGAGE is an interactive platform for pharmacists and technicians to manage patient-focused activities, including Five-Star measures, prescription synchronization, MTM events, immunization opportunities and patient-safety measures. Offering the eNGAGE Alert functionality inside QS/1's NRx and PrimeCare Pharmacy Management Systems provides great convenience and added patient detail. The QS/1 pharmacy systems provide color-coded adherence measures and hyperlinks directly to the eNGAGE Alert portal, allowing patient-focused opportunities.

"Through this partnership with FDS and the eNGAGE Alert program, we can offer customers additional tools to increase patient adherence and improve overall patient outcomes. Heightened focus on overall patient health has placed a premium on ensuring patients are adherent. Partnerships like this one will keep our customers competitive in the pharmacy marketplace now and in the future," said Jon Bell, market analyst for QS/1.

"We are excited to work with the team at QS/1 to implement eNGAGE into their pharmacy management systems. QS/1 and FDS are working together to help community pharmacies better serve their patients, increase revenues and compete in today's pharmacy marketplace," said Rich Bukovinsky, EVP business development for FDS, Inc.

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