Launches platform upgrade and new financial tool for health practices.

ATLANTA (November 22, 2017)—Aquina Health, formerly known as Provider Web Capital, announces its new name and upgraded financial solution platform. The health care finance provider will now be referred to as “Aquina Health,” a modern change to embrace the industry’s evolving focus on a holistic approach to simplifying payments between payers, providers and patients. 

The new Aquina technology platform delivers the most comprehensive financial toolset in the health care industry, with a single mission in mind: Enable providers to serve more patients, and allow patients to receive the care they deserve.

“This is not a simple name change,” says CEO Chris Stenglein. “The new Aquina brand is an extension of our vision as a health care financial technology pioneer. The Aquina upgrade is an extraordinary piece of work from our technology team. The design, fit and finish of our provider financial gateway delivers a unique, fresh and seamless experience across our entire product suite. This announcement is consistent with our corporate goals to continuously improve the provider and patient experience at point of care and deliver value to our strategic HIT partners across the entire healthcare ecosystem.”

For nearly a decade, Aquina has assisted thousands of medical professionals nationwide in growing their businesses by providing capital, accelerating cash flow and delivering financial flexibility.

Aquina’s full product suite will benefit from this upgrade, including patient finance product Curae Finance, patent pending claims reimbursement application Via (formerly known as Remit ATM) and working capital and growth accelerator tool Praxis (formerly known as Remit eXL). Together, these tools aim to deliver a seamless, integrated experience for providers, administrators and revenue cycle managers.

“This is an exciting time in the history of our company,” notes Nick Johnson, VP Technology, Aquina Health. “The Aquina technology platform is a full-service desktop financial toolset, allowing providers the ability to take advantage of all the Aquina financial products in a single dashboard application.”

Prior to the rebrand, Aquina launched a unique patient pay solution, Curae Finance. As a result, Aquina became the nation’s only company offering non-recourse financing to hospitals and individual practices, as well as helping the patients they serve be able to afford the care they need when they need it.

Another innovation accompanying the rebrand is Aquina’s financial health tool, Intelligentsia, which enables small health care businesses to “check-up” on their own financial health. Medical practices connect their financial accounts to the free tool in order to receive a rating on which areas need improvement and then evaluate the services they need to expand their cash flow.

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