EXETER, Penn. (November 30, 2016)—Pride Mobility Products is pleased to announce resources to assist retail providers through third-party consumer financing of non-coded and non-medical Pride products.

With the ever-expanding retail market and the recent launch of Jazzy Air, Pride is dedicated to helping retailers continue to grow and increase access to equipment that will enhance quality of life for consumers. Consumers have long expressed the need for financing options on their retail purchases and Pride is pleased to now have two resources that offer flexible programs and a simple application process. 

“We’ve heard from both Pride retailers and consumers that consumer financing outlets are a necessity in this industry and would provide opportunities for business growth for retail products,” explains Julie Pello, general manager of business development. “We were able to vet such lenders as Monterey Financial Services LLC and Care Credit who were able to provide comprehensive financial solutions for retailers and consumers across the country.”

“We’re excited that Monterey Financial Services LLC and Care Credit recognize the opportunity and consumer needs in the retail mobility segment and Pride is looking forward to further expansion of these programs in the near future,” states Christina Adzema, general manager of accounts receivable.

Pride retailers can obtain information to facilitate consumer financing on Monterey Financial Services and Care Credit from Pride by contacting your credit or sales representative directly.

Visit pridemobility.com for more information.