EXETER, Penn. (May 10, 2018)—Pride Mobility announced that its Pontotoc, Mississippi, power lift recliner (PLR) plant is experiencing unprecedented growth and production output with its made-in-the-USA PLRs.

Founded in 2016, Pride Mississippi is a vertically-integrated, wholly-owned power lift recliner manufacturing facility that embodies Made-in-the-USA craftsmanship and quality. From state-of-the-art sub-frame construction to hand-upholstered finish work, all is accomplished in-house, using the furniture industry’s leading manufacturing technologies, with a workforce of true craftsmen.

“When we opened Pride Mississippi, we made an investment not just in manufacturing the highest-quality power lift recliners, but also to invest in the local people of generational craftsmen who make it all possible,” shares Micah Swick, Director of Pride Sales. “The response from our customers has been tremendous, with growth and product demand that proves the strength of made-in-the-USA manufacturing in the PLR market.”

Pride Mississippi has grown to 156 employees and 240,000 square feet, serving as a notable employer in the region.

“Pride is an originator of power lift recliners in the U.S., going back 32 years,” explains Swick. “We’re pleased that our made-in-the-USA roots continue flourishing at Pride Mississippi.”

Visit pridemobility.com for more information.