AMSTERDAM and OMAHA, Neb. (June 1, 2016)—Royal Philips announced the commercial beta launch of remote care services powered by the new CareSensus connected sensors platform in partnership with Right at Home, one of the largest in-home senior care franchise networks in the world. Together, Philips and Right at Home are offering a flexible and affordable blend of in-home and remote care options to proactively help seniors with cognitive and/or physical frailties who want to age in place safely. Fueled by connected sensors and powerful data analytics, this unique “blended care” high-touch, high-tech approach offers insights and adapts to a senior’s particular needs to provide “always-on” homecare and peace of mind to caregivers who are not close by.

With its unique homecare monitoring solution, the Philips CareSensus platform is bringing the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) into the homes of seniors. It consists of connected, discrete, non-camera-based passive sensors placed strategically in the home to provide 24/7 monitoring of seniors. The data from the connected sensors is processed to identify unusual patterns of activities enabling a personalized blueprint of behavior, and delivering timely data to the Right at Home remote care team. If the senior is getting up multiple times during the night to use the bathroom, or they are taking an unusually long time to get out of bed in the morning, these can be early indicators that something may be wrong.

Supported by the powerful analytics of the CareSensus platform, the Right at Home remote care team is able to see behavioral changes via an intuitive online dashboard with several views, and potentially intervene earlier during a health deterioration or before a more serious event occurs. The family caregiver is also given access to the dashboard so they can review periodically to see how their loved one is doing. For instance, during a recent pilot, one patient began frequenting the bathroom more often than usual. The care team alerted the client’s daughter who made a doctor appointment, where they discovered the client was suffering from symptoms of a significant health problem that could have worsened without early intervention.

“Philips has more than 40 years of experience in delivering innovative technology to support care for seniors and caregivers,” said Jeroen Tas, CEO, Connected Care and Health Informatics at Philips. “Combined with our deep knowledge of advanced analytics in patient and home monitoring, we can now offer a powerful platform delivering reliable data to the Right at Homecare team. Philips’ proprietary connected sensors platform allows the senior’s Right at Homecare team to proactively help keep them as healthy and secure as possible to better enable the delivery of tailored, expert care whenever and wherever it’s needed.”

“By 2025, there will be nearly 1.2 billion people over the age of 60 worldwide,” said Brian Petranick, CEO and president of Right at Home. “This aging shift will continue to increase demand for Right at Home’s care services and will add increasing pressure on an industry already challenged with the supply for caregivers. As the need for caregivers across the globe exceeds supply, this partnership with Philips and the use of its innovative technology will help supplement the growing demand for in-homecare and improve the well-being of our clients in a revolutionary way. This blended care approach will drive the future of home health care.”

Partnering To Deliver a New Level of At-Home Care in the U.S. Market

Philips has teamed with Right at Home to bring this innovative technology nationwide, with the commercial availability of the platform coming to 25 locations of the U.S. market in June. In addition to the in-homecare visits and well-being monitoring enabled via the CareSensus platform, alerts are used to notify the Philips Lifeline 24/7 response center if detection of a senior’s presence in a certain predetermined area is a cause for concern. If so, the Philips Lifeline response center follows the notification protocols set by the family ahead of time.

Senior clients will also have the option of being provided with a tablet equipped with video chat technologies, so the Right at Home remote care team is able to schedule regular check-ins customized to meet the client’s needs. Video visits can range from a casual discussion about dinner, to reminders for the senior to take their medication or blood pressure.

CareSensus builds on Philips’ growing portfolio of aging services that includes Philips Lifeline medical alert services, connected medication adherence solutions, post-acute and long-term care solutions and referrals to home health services. Philips recently introduced Aging Well Services at HIMSS 2016, an integrated set of services, solutions and data to create personalized guidance, coaching and care coordination unique to seniors’ current wellness needs. These services will be available through key industry partnerships, like Right at Home, to give aging seniors the support they need and caregivers access to tools that allow them to check in regularly on their loved one’s health status.

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