AMSTERDAM, (July 19, 2017)—Stemming from the success and positive reception of DreamWear, Royal Philips has introduced a new option to its award-winning line of innovative, open-face sleep therapy masks. The new Gel Pillows module features the same comfort and freedom of movement as the original, but now offers an additional choice in cushion type that can be easily changed out within the same mask frame.

To provide the most effective treatment, a CPAP mask must be a part of a nightly routine. With this in mind, Philips designed DreamWear to be easy-to-use and allow users to sleep however they want, thanks to the soft feel, in-frame air flow and hose placement at the top of the head. According to a 2016 WAVE study, more than 30 percent of masks distributed in North America are Pillows masks. The latest addition of Gel Pillows not only addresses this customer demand in the comfortable and practical DreamWear style, but it offers another unique mask option for medical equipment providers to present to their patients. DreamWear Gel Pillows users have reported being more satisfied with the quality of sleep and the stability of the product than with their prescribed mask. In addition, users reported less discomfort on their face, nose and nostrils versus their prescribed mask.

“The unique design of DreamWear is a radical departure from traditional mask technology,” said Mark D’Angelo, Sleep Business Leader for Philips. “It is not an incremental improvement on existing designs, but rather a generational leap forward. With the addition of DreamWear Gel Pillows, we are providing existing DreamWear users with an option for additional comfort, while giving patients who already love and use pillows an option to try our unique DreamWear line. As we continue to expand the Dream Family product line, our focus is to provide patients with an innovative, comfortable solution that help them improve their sleep and overall health.”

Thanks to the modular design, clinicians have reported the DreamWear mask platform (Nasal Under-the-nose and Gel Pillows) as taking less time to change between the two DreamWear masks than between another pillows mask and nasal mask, proving to be easy-to-use and low maintenance for the patient and clinician alike. DreamWear Gel Pillows are an addition to the award-winning DreamWear mask, a recipient of the iF Design Gold Award 2016 in the product design discipline, and the latest addition to Philips Dream Family of sleep apnea products focused on connecting and supporting the patient, clinician, and homecare provider to enhance patient care and quality of life.

The Dream Family is comprised of DreamWear, DreamStation, a PAP therapy system connecting patients and care teams, and DreamMapper, an application that helps patients adjust to sleep therapy and compliance by actively engaging them through daily reminders and encouragement messages. DreamWear is an open-face CPAP mask that directs airflow through the sides of the mask to a hose at the top of the head, allowing for freedom of movement and the ability to comfortably wear glasses, read or watch TV. DreamWear Gel Pillows are now available for purchase through medical equipment providers and online retailers in North America and will be made available in additional markets later this year.

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