WATERLOO, Iowa (September 5, 2018)—Industry advocates can now leverage a new platform to educate and activate end-users, family caregivers and their community through People for Quality Care’s e-newsletter. The monthly newsletter features advocacy and lifestyle articles peppered with current opportunities to self-advocate on key legislative initiatives.

“The newsletter has been a great tool this summer in keeping HME priorities in top-of-mind awareness for the public and activating them on key calls to action,” explained Ashley Plauché, legislative partner for People for Quality Care, a division of VGM Group, and manager of Government Affairs for AAHomecare.

For example, the June newsletter featured an article addressing the recently released IFR, encouraging readers to reach out to their legislators to let them know that more work needs to be done to ensure access to vital HME across the country. Forty-three percent of those who opened the newsletter clicked through to send letters to Congress about the issue.

“People for Quality Care is strategically homing in on our target market through social media and e-mail campaigns so that we can reach folks where they are spending a lot of their time—online—and create easy avenues for them to take action on issues that are important to them,” Plauché continued.

People for Quality Care attributes the success of the newsletter due to its accessibility and relevancy and recommends the following best practices for suppliers looking to engage their customer base:

  • Meet them where they are. Two in five seniors are now using smartphones, making them more digitally connected than ever before. Suppliers can easily connect with their customer base through e-communications and social media platforms, where more than one in three seniors spend their time, sharing newsletter articles and calls to actions.
  • Be timely and consistent. Suppliers can establish themselves as a reliable source for their customers through regular communication. The monthly newsletter provides a dependable stream of information to engage with customers on current events.
  • Share relevant content. Suppliers can create value by sharing information that their customer base wants to learn more about. The newsletter’s dual focus of advocacy and lifestyle provides a range of topics to help enhance quality of life while providing political developments and advocacy opportunities on issues that affect access to HME.

Those interested in signing up for the newsletter can sign up by visiting peopleforqualitycare.org. Previous articles are can be located on the People for Quality Care blog, making them easily sharable for suppliers across their own social media and communication channels.