DALLAS (January 13, 2020)—A new industry trends report from Axxess, a home health care technology company, and BKD, a national CPA and advisory firm, confirms concern among the home-based care industry regarding implementation of the new Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) and other regulatory changes, as well as ongoing staffing challenges.

The potential impact of PDGM has created a significant amount of uncertainty among home health providers, who consider it their greatest challenge in 2020. Most providers reported that they are at least somewhat concerned about the impact of PDGM, though larger organizations indicated they feel more confident about their ability to manage the change effectively. Workforce staffing challenges were the second-most common industry challenge cited by home-based care providers.

“The report confirms that regulatory changes create uncertainty, which is why it is important for home-based care providers to partner with organizations that know how to help them thrive during times of transition,” said Axxess founder and CEO John Olajide. “The industry is focused on finding solutions that will help them navigate the impact of PDGM, and addressing staffing challenges. Axxess is committed to innovating to meet industry needs and has solutions that address these priorities.”

“Change is easier when you rely on advice from experts who understand your concerns and provide a clear path to success,” added Aaron M. Little, managing director from BKD. “PDGM is a monumental change so it is no surprise it has caused so much unease. For businesses to grow in the new payment model, they must implement new operational processes that are based on expert-level insight.”

Respondents from providers of all sizes also expect that their organization will primarily rely on established business practices to help grow their business in the years ahead, though a significant number see their organization diversifying into other service lines. Responding organizations also indicated they consider technology’s primary benefit to be helping them remain compliant with regulations and streamlining documentation of care.

Axxess and BKD surveyed thousands of home health, hospice and homecare providers of all sizes over several weeks in late 2019. Results were gathered from organizations of all sizes and from individuals at every level, ranging from C-suite leaders to staff members who work directly with patients and clients. The 2020 Industry Trends Survey Report is available for download and includes best practices from experts at Axxess and BKD.

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