ORLANDO, Fla. (July 31, 2018)—OxyGo has relocated the company headquarters from Westlake, Ohio to Orlando, Florida, with a goal to provide upgraded service and products for customers.

“We are pleased to announce that effective July 1st, 2018, OxyGo Headquarters Florida, will become the parent company for all the Applied Companies, including Applied Home Healthcare Equipment, LLC and OxyGo, LLC,” said managing director, Victoria Marquard-Schultz, Esq.

The new Innovation Center, regional sales office, warehouse and service center will be opening along with the company headquarters in Orlando to better serve all of the company’s stakeholders. The legal name of the company has been updated to “OxyGo Headquarters Florida, LLC” and is located at 2200 Principal Row, Orlando, Florida 32837. OxyGo’s Orlando location is now its parent corporation, and the essential corporate functions will occur in Orlando.

“The headquarter’s move to the Sunshine State is designed to help us scale up to serve more customers with greater efficiency. Orlando is a perfect logistic headquarters for our operations as we expand our satellite locations across the nation. Corporate ownership and the management team will not change. The change in parent corporation is the first in our 25-year history,” Marquard-Schultz explained.

“Our customers can continue to rely on sales, technical, customer care support, as well as purchasing and administrative help from the same locations as before—Westlake, Phoenix, Arizona, and Orlando,” said Marquard-Schultz.

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