WESTLAKE, OHIO (December 3, 2015)—OxyGo, a leading supplier of portable oxygen concentrators (POC’s), is now offering for purchase a five-year warranty plan that’s one of the longest available in the industry. Traditional POC manufacturers offer only a one, two, or three- year limited warranty.

“This is extremely important news for POC providers,” said Jon Schultz, OxyGo director of sales.

“Typical POC warranties expire after three years, but the rental cycle runs five years. This warranty option fills in the gaps and allows providers full warranty coverage until the rental cycle is complete. DME providers are normally capped at 36-months, yet they have to service the equipment for 60-months,” Schultz continued. The renowned durability and reliability of OxyGo makes these extended warranties a "win - win' for both provider and manufacturer advises Schultz.

“Everything is covered in this five-year warranty except for sieve beds and batteries,” Schultz added.

In addition to the five-year warranty, OxyGo offers a wide range of affordably priced two and three year extended warranties for POC batteries and sieve beds. 

Visit applied-inc.com and oxygo.life for more information.