PHILADELPHIA (July 29, 2021)—Optonome, a health care technology company that bridges the gap between patients and their home health and community needs, has announced the launch of its official equity crowdfunding campaign in partnership with WeFunder. 

Optonome is raising capital to scale its operations, grow a team of talented thought leaders, technology development and marketing. Optonome will also use the capital to create health care training, patient advocacy and go to full production of beacon sensors used in homes and small businesses that provide real-time information to assist business owners with training, compliance, remote supervision, foot traffic and occupancy control. The WeFunder campaign launched on July 26, 2021. Investment is open to the public and can be found at:

Optonome helps nurses, behavioral specialists (BCBA), physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech language pathologists start and scale their own home health care company, guiding them through the challenging Medicaid and Medicare regulation process. The company finds patients who match up with the agency's capabilities and recruits, onboards, caregiver staff (DSP's) to help provide health services. The clinician provides oversight of caregivers and more in-depth care for patients while cutting costs with Optonome taking care administrative work.

This fundraise follows a record year for Optonome, including the onboarding of new agency CEOs. 

"We've grown over 750% in the past year. The average Optonome CEO saves over 80% of what it would cost to start with a national franchise." said Dennis Dicker, CEO of Optonome. "As the population of seniors and people with disabilities continues to grow, so does the homecare industry. Currently over 20 million older adults in need of long-term health care live within America's borders as well as 9 million individuals living with a disability indicating an imminent boom in this sector … However, what many [seniors] don't realize is that most common solutions require them to sell their homes and spend all their savings before moving into an institution where they may even outlive these funds leading to an even more dire situation. The alternative to this is to seek an existing provider who can coordinate home and community services helping people age in place; however, this solution is antiquated and the providers act more like brokers than caregivers charging high fees for connecting families looking for quality long-term support services and care workers."

With Optonome reducing administrative costs enabled through its technology, home health care agencies are able to subsidize housing for their patients and offer their employees a liveable wage with better pay.

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