DENVER, Colo.—OnTerra Systems, the developers of RouteSavvy route planning software, has introduced a new route optimization software engine and automated, multi-vehicle optimization in RouteSavvy route optimization software. This new release is a beta version of multi-vehicle optimization for customers & prospects to test drive & provide feedback to the OnTerra team. For this beta period, RouteSavvy will allow five optimized multi-vehicle routes per day, accommodating up to 20 vehicles in a fleet.

RouteSavvy has offered multi-vehicle route optimization up to now. However, RouteSavvy now has automated multi-vehicle optimization, which means that fleet managers in charge of planning deliveries, pick-ups, service calls or sales calls can upload the addresses and, with one click, RouteSavvy automatically will generate more efficient routes for the multiple vehicles for business or non-profit fleets. This new functionality generates automated route balancing. RouteSavvy will review all the stops for the day and generate efficient routes that are evenly balanced with the same approximate time for completion of the day’s work for the vehicles in the fleet.

The new RouteSavvy Online end user software includes the following enhancements, according to the company: 

  • RouteSavvy is now up to 30% faster in optimizing routes.
  • RouteSavvy now offers advanced handling of bad addresses on routes.
  • Routes generated by RouteSavvy can accommodate up to 300 stops, and 20 vehicles per optimization.
  • Multi-vehicle optimizations & advanced route balancing among the vehicles in the fleet.

In addition, there are three key new settings for automated multi-vehicle route optimization:

  • Driver’s Availability: RouteSavvy now can factor in start and end work times for drivers for use with multi-vehicle route optimizations. If all the stops on the route cannot be completed within the driver’s availability, then those extra stops will automatically be placed in the “un-routable” folder.
  • Number of Vehicles: RouteSavvy now can optimize routes for up to 20 different vehicles. This function also can be used to optimize routes for one driver over multiple days of routing.
  • Minimum Vehicles / Routes Calculator: RouteSavvy now can calculate the minimum number of vehicles and routes that will be needed for a specific number of stops. For example, if a business or non-profit has five vehicles, but the stops (deliveries, pick-ups, service calls, or sales calls) can be completed with the use of only three vehicles, RouteSavvy will automatically optimize three routes instead of five.

“Automated multi-vehicle route optimization is powerful new functionality for fleet managers to use,” said Steve Milroy, OnTerra Systems president. “This new functionality makes the process of assigning routes much faster & more efficient. RouteSavvy takes the guesswork out of how to organize the week’s deliveries, pick-ups, service calls & sales call—with just one click.”

The OnTerra Systems development team also is working on significant enhancements to the RouteSavvy Application Program Interface (API). The new, pending RouteSavvy API is used by software developers who want to incorporate route optimization into software applications they are developing. New API developments include expanded, automated multi-route optimization functionality and time windows for stop time scheduling.