Phototherapy is an alternative for all patients, particularly pregnant women and the elderly

DUNEDIN, Florida—One Health Direct (OHD) leadership has continuously recognized and focused on the importance of implementing patient product awareness and eligibility education of innovative durable medical equipment (DME) products for more than a decade. Based on the success of similar initiatives with orthopedic bracing and diabetes products, OHD has expanded those efforts to include phototherapy products for their DME partner's existing and new patients. Mimicking its previous process, OHD will educate and guide potential phototherapy patients through the education and qualification process and help broaden their treatment options and awareness.

Phototherapy is an alternative for all patients, particularly pregnant women and the elderly. Dermatologists can prescribe certain narrow-band UVB light therapy treatment options and supplies to their patients to help avoid potential side effects of competing pharmaceuticals. OHD's communication and education plan for patients with psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo helps them get these critical products through their insurance. This outreach provides a huge benefit to patients with chronic skin conditions, as they are often unaware of the medical benefits, ease of availability, and requirements for coverage eligibility.

"We aim to communicate four main points about phototherapy treatment to patients," explained chief executive officer Alois Rubenbauer. "Phototherapy is safer, affordable, works fast, and is often more effective than other treatment options."

Targeted narrow-band UVB light minimizes the development of psoriasis, lesions, or re-pigmentation of one's regular skin coloring. The medical lamps in these phototherapy units emit ultraviolet (UV) light in a wavelength that creates changes within the skin cells. The cells in most patients then begin to behave normally, reducing or eliminating the skin disease symptoms.

In addition to efficacy, convenience and cost savings, OHD's primary value proposition also includes avoiding exposure to illnesses for patients by reducing trips to medical facilities. OHD facilitates and provides ongoing support for the UVB product offering for its DME partners' patients, specifically a hand-held portable device by Brightwand Phototherapy designed for convenience and ease of use at home. All the products are shipped directly from OHD's wholly-owned distribution facility, American Distributors, to patient's homes.