MIDDLETOWN, N.J., (August 18, 2016)—ClotMD is the latest cloud-based application and mobile solution from BBMK Technologies, a health care technology company. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) based solution allows health care providers to overcome the challenges of managing patients on anticoagulant medication, specifically Warfarin. Health care providers can easily manage on-site testing or home INR monitoring while enhancing patient care and improving their business. With ClotMD, providers have access to a fully integrated Warfarin monitoring solution, allowing patients to engage actively in their health for an improved outcome on any computer or mobile device.

"As a health care technology company, we are always looking at how health care services are delivered now, and work to develop innovative solutions for tomorrow," says Michael Kutsak, CEO of BBMK Technologies. "In today's challenging reimbursement climate, health care organizations are exploring myriad ways to streamline needed care delivery. While Warfarin is a highly effective treatment regimen in the management of anticoagulation, the challenges associated with ongoing patient care cannot only impact patient health, but also the health of the provider’s business. With ClotMD, health care organizations big and small can improve patient outcomes while improving their bottom line."

Patients that are on Warfarin to manage anticoagulation require consistent and ongoing testing of INR levels to maintain in therapeutic range and avoid potentially serious health implications.

ClotMD is designed to help health care providers manage their warfarin patient population while improving day-to-day business processes. Providers can now focus on patients who require their attention when they fall outside of target therapeutic range or are non-compliant with prescribed medication or testing. With ClotMD, connecting the dots between patient, physician and INR monitoring provider is made simple. 

The app works on any computer or mobile device, providing a real-time connection between providers and patients. ClotMD allows for convenient management of INR levels, dosing calculations and testing schedules.

For patients, ClotMD is an empowering tool, and empowered, informed patients tend to experience better outcomes. Patients should clearly be at the center of the health care team, and the mobile app makes that possible by delivering real-time alerts on INR levels, scheduled testing and medication reminders. Patients can also receive automatic notifications from their health care provider alerting them to a Warfarin dosage change. A built-in diet library offers yet another layer of support for patients who want to be proactive regarding their health. History of current and previous INR levels can be tracked and shared by the patient.

ClotMD helps anticoagulation clinics, physician practices and home INR monitoring providers not only improve their patients’ compliance and outcomes, but also their reputation as a quality health care provider. By incorporating those involved in the patient’s health care continuum, physicians can manage patients more effectively with real time data, automated alert and reporting functionality, personalized clinical and dosing calculations allowing for a consistent, reliable touch for every patient.

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