ATLANTA (January 10, 2019)—Kevin M. Gaffney, CEM, will expand his group show director role to include vice president duties for Medtrade, Medtrade Spring and four additional shows: Environments for Aging (EFA); Construction SuperConference; Healthcare Design; and Hospitality Design. His recent promotion reflects a core belief that trade shows are particularly relevant, even in a digital age. “People thought the internet would kill trade shows, but it’s really made them more important than ever,” Gaffney said.

After transitioning from group sales manager to associate show director, Healthcare, for Emerald Expositions’ Medtrade, Medtrade Spring, and two other shows, Mark Lind will take a more holistic approach to his job, all while maintaining the same customer-focused philosophy.

“I came from retail starting at the age of 16, and it carries from there,” Lind said. “Whether customers are giving you money at a cash register or paying for a booth, they are the most important element. When they call, you find answers quickly and accurately. You always treat them with respect, and with a sense of urgency. It’s important to treat customers the way you would want to be treated.”

Sarah Varner recently made the jump to senior director of marketing for Emerald’s health care events. As a nine-year Emerald Expositions veteran, Varner will continue developing marketing plans for Medtrade shows, and help to oversee Healthcare Design (HCD) and Environments for Aging (EFA).

“I’ve worked on Medtrade since day-one,” Varner said. “I’ve worked on HCD and EFA since they were acquired. Trade shows are still relevant, because they provide a place to make connections with peers, vendors and experts, and to form a community that’s a helpful resource all year long. You just don’t connect with someone via email or phone the way you do face-to-face.”

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—Greg Thompson