IRVINE, Calif. (March 20, 2019)—American Time and Labor Company, a provider of integrated human capital management solutions for small- to enterprise-sized businesses, announced that relief is here for the homecare industry by utilizing American Time and Labor Company’s caregiver mobile application called Pacific Timecard to document electronic visit verification (EVV) required by federal law for homecare providers.

"The mobile workforce management app, Pacific Timecard, is a robust mobile time and attendance application with GPS tracking for managing Medicaid-funded personal care services staff members. In leveraging our technology and platform, our Pacific Timecard application allows staff members and caregivers to document in real-time such things as: time worked, activities performed, mobile forms, expenses, meal periods, rest breaks, mileage, and GPS location verification—all from a mobile Android and/or Apple iOS device,” stated Jim Thompson, co-founder of American Time and Labor Company. 

“Pacific Timecard meets the requirements of EVV and offers photo capture, digital signature and clock-in and clock-out GPS locks to provide verification of visits as well. All this functionality gives managers and employers a real birds-eye view on their caregivers and staff members with real-time information needed to run any business more efficiently. We also recently added some functionality around meal period and rest breaks, which helps employers manage and document mandatory meal periods to help stay complaint with Department of Labor regulations,” added Thompson.

“At American Time and Labor Company, our goal is to help employers off-load the weight and cost of backend administration, while also helping companies manage employees more effectively and in compliance with federal and state wage-hour laws.”

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