LOS ANGELES—The founders of Clear Health Advisors, Byrdie Lifson Pompan and Valerie Ulene, have launched Boom Home Medicala company with a mission to radically reinvent home medical products with beautifully designed, highly functional and easy-to-use products that empower people to care for themselves with dignity. 

Boom Home Medical's reimagined home medical products are designed to fit perfectly into consumers' lives and homes, according to a news release by the company. The company launches with toileting products and will be rolling out a lineup of innovative bathing, dressing, and mobility products throughout 2023. 

"We offer our customers the opportunity to care for their basic needs with dignity," said Pompan. "By 2025 there will be 75 million baby boomers over the age of 65 and, for the first time ever in the US, there will be more people over the age of 65 than under the age of 13. Baby boomers have experienced innovation in every consumer product category, and now can experience it in home healthcare products too. Nobody wants the same durable home medical equipment that their grandparents used."

Loona, Boom Home Medical's first product release in the toileting category, is a personal bedside urinal designed for anyone with female anatomy. 

"We partnered with the award-winning team at HERBST Produkt, industrial designer for innovative brands such as Brita and Molekule, to create the beautifully designed Loona. It's the first bedside urinal that looks at home by your bedside. Loona is about more than just relief, it's about being proud to have our product in a place where anyone can see it. It's the most elegant solution to relief, anytime and anywhere," Ulene said. 

The company's products are being sold on its website and on Amazon.