OVERLAND PARK, Kan., (October 17, 2019)—As a result of enabling health care providers to connect and leverage shared information for successful care coordination in a person-centric, value-based care environment, Netsmart has announced achieving a new record of more than 300 million secure health data transactions facilitated through its CareFabric solution suite in a single month. Netsmart is a leading health information technology partner for behavioral health, homecare, senior living and social services organizations.

As the health care industry continues to shift toward value-based payment models, providers are increasingly utilizing technology to integrate and coordinate care delivery with their partners across the health care ecosystem. Digital connectivity and interoperability have become essential factors for organizations to achieve the outcomes needed to be successful in this type of landscape. The number of data exchanges recorded by Netsmart in September tripled from around the same time in 2018, demonstrating the continued demand for access to data.

“Reaching this number of transactions is exciting,” said Netsmart CEO Mike Valentine. “A little over a year ago, we were looking at 100 million transactions for the month, and seeing it grow threefold confirms our alignment with how providers want to deliver care. Providers across levels of care are connecting and collaborating through our solutions and services. It proves our clients are leading the industry in coordinating care to improve the outcomes for their patients at a lower cost to the healthcare system. Netsmart has been a pioneer in developing standards that allow for clinical integration across levels of care. Our clients have been doing it for nearly 10 years, and we continue to innovate in these areas to help our clients lead the industry forward.”

The Netsmart CareFabric serves as an integrated framework of solutions focusing on enhancing operational and clinical efficiencies for over 600,000 users across more than 30,000 health care organizations. It includes an expansive selection of technology and services designed to enhance the clinical and operational value of the electronic health record (EHR), allowing providers to concentrate on delivering coordinated care to more than 30 million individuals across the country.

As part of the CareFabric, EHRs, including Netsmart CareRecords, can be optimized with a strategic selection of tools and services. Population health management solutions provide immediate insight to empower staff in making informed care decisions. Robust connectivity and data exchange through the Netsmart network, Carequality and local health information exchanges support interoperability and care coordination across the country. Additional solutions such as analytics, consumer engagement, mobility and telehealth offer a well-rounded toolkit that providers can leverage to achieve improved outcomes and success in value-based care.

Service offerings within CareFabric span a variety of areas that are designed to improve and streamline health care business operations. Secure SSAE18-compliant hosting within Netsmart data centers ensures information is reliable and readily available to providers. Revenue cycle management, consulting and IT managed services bring additional operational support and expertise to clients while available learning services ensure staff is knowledgeable and up-to-date on all things clinical and compliance-related.

The more health care providers come together for comprehensive care delivery, the more they will rely on technology to play an active role across all clinical, financial and administrative operations.

“We know that it takes a solid EHR as a foundation, and we will continue to develop offerings that augment not only the technology but also the operational efficiencies of our clients,” said Valentine. “It has always been our objective as a health IT partner to provide comprehensive solutions and services that allow providers to remain competitive among a landscape that requires coordinated care and value-based practices for success. We remain committed to the thoughtful development of technology with our clients in mind and look forward to continued growth along the journey to integrated care.”

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