The organization said the Final Rule will result in agency closures, force providers to exit the Medicaid program and make access issues overall worse

WASHINGTON—The National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) released a statement noting that it was, 'extremely disappointed that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) elected to finalize the “payment adequacy” provision in the Medicaid Access Final Rule (CMS 2442-F).'

"This is a misguided policy that will result in agency closures, force providers to exit the Medicaid program, and will ultimately make access issues worse around the country," a statement from the organization read. "As NAHC and our partners across the homecare industry have demonstrated, such a provision is not only unworkable due to the varied nature of Medicaid programs across the country, CMS also lacks statutory authority to impose this mandate."

“We know that CMS has good intentions and a desire to improve the lives of workers, but this policy is ill-advised and will have serious negative impacts on providers and their clients around the country," said Jennifer Sheets, co-chair of the NAHC Medicaid Advisory Council (MAC).

David Totaro, president and executive director of BAYADA Hearts for Home Care and NAHC MAC co-chair, said, “It is unfortunate that the final rule included a mandatory pass-through requirement. There are so many positive and necessary changes in the regulation, so it is disappointing that this one provision will undermine all the good things about the rule.”

NAHC President, William Dombi promised to continue advocacy against the pass-through requirements.

“We all agree that more needs to be done to support the direct care workforce; however, this policy will make things worse, not better," Dombi said. "NAHC remains committed to overturning this devastating policy and instead advocating for more feasible and rational policies that address the root causes of low worker compensation.”

NAHC said it strongly believes in the value of, and care provided by, the direct care workers, and it is committed to finding workable solutions that address the struggles of this valuable group of people. "Unfortunately, the realities of the various Medicaid programs around the country make any uniform requirement a nonstarter," NAHC said. 

You can learn more about the Access final rule and receive updates on NAHC advocacy at the NAHC website.

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