ATLANTA (October 8, 2020)—The National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) has announced their partnership with WellEntry—a simple smartphone- and tablet-based solution that helps prevent and mitigate the spread of infectious diseases—as their preferred health-screening solution to keep patients, families and employees safe.

Representing the nation’s 33,000 homecare and hospice organizations, NAHC is the largest and most respected professional association representing the interests of chronically ill, disabled and dying Americans of all ages and the caregivers who provide them with in-home health and hospice services.

Developed by 7Factor Software, WellEntry empowers users to effectively and efficiently screen large populations of people for symptoms, and to diminish outbreaks. It is secure, scalable and fully HIPAA-compliant.

NAHC President, Bill Dombi, said, “As part of our mission to promote, protect, and advance the highest quality health care at home, we must do everything in our power to ensure our member organizations have every tool at their disposal to keep patients, family members, nurses and staff safe.”

WellEntry includes:

  • App-based pre-screening questionnaires that are fully customizable to an organization’s needs, evolving public health recommendations, or the requirements of your industry or locality.
  • Access for each WellEntry user to their survey history for use in personal health and wellness care.
  • Self-recorded contact tracing with location-specific QR codes to help quickly identify the source of any outbreak and all of their contacts throughout the day.
  • Real-time population health intelligence that captures and analyzes health data for immediate insights into the present and trending health of patients, employees, or visitors.

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