ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (January 11, 2022)—MissionCare Collective, the new parent company of myCNAjobs and the nation’s largest network of front-line care workers, announced an expansion of its portfolio to address the growing need for improved training, engagement and retention of health care workers.
America is facing a big challenge threatening the quality of life for many people and the health care workforce needs to stabilize. “Our care culture is broken and the time for change is now,” said Brandi Kurtyka, CEO of MissionCare Collective and its growing suite of brands.
Too few people are entering the health care profession, there are limited career paths upwards, employees are unengaged and burned out, companies are plagued with high turnover and wage pressure concerns, and people that need care don’t always receive reliable care when and where needed, leading to poor health care outcomes.  
“The bottom line is that everyone suffers—the worker, the employer and the patient,” said Kurtyka. “After spending 10 years in the trenches serving the industry, we knew something needed to change and we plan to build bridges to help the industry do just that.”
Two new innovations are now available and will continue to be built out to address industry challenges including CoachUp Care and MissionCare.
CoachUp Care is a platform that brings together training, employee engagement, recognition and retention tools under one roof. The platform is backed by best practices, data and testing to measure knowledge competence, employee engagement and turnover. For now, the platform is only available via invitation, to select networks, and to myCNAjobs members. Soon, it will be available to the broader market. To learn more, visit the newly launched CoachUp Care website.
In addition, MissionCare will serve as a bridge to bring workforce, providers and trainers together to solve systemic labor issues within states. 

“There’s no single technology that can change the culture of care,” adds Kurtyka. “However, bringing people and companies together that envision a brighter future can make real and lasting change possible.”

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