ATLANTA (June 9, 2016)—MedZed, a company offering next-generation house calls through a network of skilled medical professionals utilizing its proprietary telehealth technology, announced today the launch of its HouseCall 2.0 solution for individuals with multiple chronic conditions. MedZed serves the frailest and sickest 5 percent of the population who are driving half of today’s health care costs.

MedZed’s HouseCall 2.0 solution combines a network of PCP’s and mobile CareProviders (comprised of qualified nurses, paramedics and medical assistants) with its proprietary telemedicine solution. MedZed CareProviders visit patients where they live and connect them in real time to the Company’s team of primary care providers through its Patient and CareForce Technology (“PACT”) logistics and telemedicine platform.

With HouseCall 2.0, a MedZed CareProvider visits a patient where they reside, outfitted with a proprietary mobile telehealth unit (BackPACT). The BackPACT includes a laptop or tablet, digital stethoscope, high definition camera and other devices that enable the remote PCP to conduct a complete examination with the assistance of one of MedZed’s CareProviders. Documentation is maintained in an EHR to enable MedZed to provide longitudinal care to its patients. The laptop also serves as the entry point to PACTVideo, a proprietary videoconferencing application.

“We have found a way to join revolutionary technology with skilled providers to bring the right care, at the right time, right to the patient’s doorstep. We are excited to partner with health plans and risk-based health care providers to deliver care to a population that does not have strong existing relationships with primary care physicians and have difficulty traveling to see their doctors,” stated MedZed CEO Scott Schnell. “By bringing care to the patient, our innovative and scalable HouseCall 2.0 solution is re-imagining the house call. Our distinctive approach to care is expected to enhance the quality of care, reduce costs and improve outcomes.”

Chief Medical Officer Neil A. Solomon, M.D., added, “We serve many of the most challenged and least mobile patients by partnering a remote primary care provider with a MedZed CareProvider, who goes to the patient’s home. Unlike traditional physician house calls, MedZed’s HouseCall 2.0 solution is scalable and integrates well with existing delivery systems and EMRs. Our program brings care to the homes of high-risk patients using an advanced technology-enabled approach that links the in-home CareProvider to the PCP, creating clinical value and operational efficiency.”

MedZed’s proprietary software platform allows the MedZed in-home CareProvider easy adoption and use of telehealth tools, incorporates sophisticated multi-party scheduling and creates a myriad of ways to provide continuity of care.

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