SAN ANGELO, Texas (February 20, 2018)—MedHab, the creator of wearable devices for the sports performance, wellness, and health care markets, announces the launch of MyNotifi, the first wrist-worn wearable device for fall detection.

MyNotifi connects via Bluetooth to the wearer’s smartphone. MyNotifi uses precise and accurate fall detection technology to monitor the wearer's movements, detect falls, and notify the user's custom contact list of friends and family, if or when a fall has occurred, and when other help may be needed. No outside call center is needed.

In addition to fall detection, MyNotifi aims to help in fall prevention as well. The MyNotifi app is equipped with 38 range-of-motion and strengthening exercises approved by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), specifically geared toward mobility and fall prevention.

“Falling is the number one cause of injury and death in the aged population and can be very expensive to treat,” said MedHab CEO, Johnny Ross. “We are thrilled to help keep individuals safer, healthier and more independent.”

MedHab is a platinum sponsor for the National Senior Corps Association, whose member affiliates include Foster Grandparents, RSVP and Senior Companion programs. Through this sponsorship, MedHab is making MyNotifi available to directors, volunteers and clients of the NSCA program. In collaboration with NSCA, MedHab is launching a fall education program to benefit seniors and their caregivers, as well as initiating further research into fall dynamics and fall prevention.

MedHab’s family of wearables include StepRite, a wearable insole device, which helps medical care prescribers customize the rehabilitation protocol to meet each patient’s needs, improving rehab and leading to better, faster outcomes for patients. And RPM2, an innovative running & cycling footbed power meter, to help athletes achieve higher performances through symmetry.

MedHab founder Johnny Ross had 15 years of experience with Johnson & Johnson, before orthopedic surgery and subsequent rehab inspired him to create his first device, and to found MedHab.

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