SHOREVIEW Minn. and MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. (August 14, 2018)—Maxwell Healthcare Associates (MHA), a post-acute operational, financial, technological, clinical and regulatory consulting firm and Gateway Coding and Consulting (Gateway), a home health and hospice coding, recovery and appeals company, today announced their alliance. The union will add a coding and recovery arm to MHA’s services and full-service home health and hospice consulting to Gateway’s—facilitating additional service lines to both entities’ clients.

“We started MHA to help our colleagues in the industry best navigate this challenging time of reforms and regulations,” said MHA CEO and co-founder, Tom Maxwell. “Accurate, fast and affordable coding combined with recovery and appeals expertise is more important than ever as providers address new payment models.”

“Coding is an essential task that when offloaded to external experts like Gateway, offers providers more time to work on the big picture aspects of their businesses and better serve patients," said MHA president and co-founder, Jennifer Maxwell, M Ed. “After vetting handfuls of coding companies, we found Gateway to be the most aligned with MHA philosophies and processes—ensuring the best quality of services to our clients."

Gateway's services include:

  • Guaranteed 48-hour turnaround (24-hour average turnaround)
  • Competitive industry pricing
  • No record minimums
  • No long-term contracts
  • Certified OASIS coders
  • Ensured accurate reimbursement
  • Consistent and compliant inside-the-EMR coding
  • Supplementary data review to help agencies see opportunities for optimization and staff education

To ensure MHA and Gateway’s existing clients experience seamless onboarding to each organizations’ service offerings, both organizations will work hand-in-hand behind the scenes to reduce duplicative communications and other redundancies.

Additional benefits for MHA clients to work with Gateway for their coding needs and vice versa include:

  • Dedicated project manager who streamlines communications, objectives and updates
  • Reduced initial pricing
  • Free initial coding comparison (for MHA clients)
  • Free operational assessment (for Gateway clients)

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