IRVINE, Calif. (April 16, 2020)—Masimo, a health care technology company, announced that it is partnering with Samsung Electronics America to make the Masimo SafetyNet Patient App available on select Samsung smartphones, pre-installed and pre-configured. Masimo SafetyNet is an economically scalable cloud-based patient management solution designed to help clinicians care for patients remotely in hospital settings and in non-traditional settings and circumstances. The partnership with Samsung is expected to allow for broader, faster distribution of Masimo SafetyNet to COVID-19 patients, especially older patients who are less likely to own a smartphone or have the comfort level to configure the Masimo SafetyNet App on their own.

Masimo's telehealth platform uses a tetherless, wearable single-patient-use SET sensor to monitor a patient's blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate, as well as respiration rate, perfusion index, and PVi, and is designed to help manage the surge in COVID-19 patients while maintaining distance from other patients and providers, allowing hospitals to expand patient remote monitoring into alternative care spaces, including overflow locations, emergency recovery facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and home care settings.

The telehealth solution combines clinically proven Masimo SET Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion pulse oximetry with a cloud-based remote data capture and surveillance platform accessible from the patient's Android or iOS smartphone or smart device—or now, pre-installed on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone provided alongside the tetherless sensors. Monitoring key physiological data can help provide clinicians with an accurate snapshot of a patient’s respiratory status and facilitates awareness of the need for intervention.

Masimo SafetyNet is helping to save lives by ensuring patients remain monitored from afar even during quarantine," Joe Kiani, founder and CEO of Masimo, said in a press release. "Older patients are at greater risk, but are less likely to have smartphones. Samsung reached out to us, wanting to help us with the pandemic. We are grateful for their help in making it easier and faster for our much needed technology to reach more of those patients who need remote monitoring and management the most."

Taher Behbehani, General Manager and Head of Mobile B2B for Samsung Electronics America, added, "Today, remote care solutions are more important than ever. We are proud to partner with Masimo to provide the technology and solutions our communities need. Our Galaxy smartphones with Knox security are fully equipped with the necessary connectivity and security to allow Masimo monitoring data to reach providers, safely and efficiently."

For added simplification and ease of use, the Samsung phones available alongside Masimo SafetyNet can be locked to provide only Masimo SafetyNet functionality.

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