TEMECULA, Calif. (April 21, 2016)—Founded in 2009, Lifeflo Inc. is a privately held company currently planning to debut three configurations of oxygen technology. Medtrade Spring attendees got an advance look at these Lifeflo products a month ago in Las Vegas, and they liked what they saw.

“The response at Medtrade Spring was absolutely overwhelming,” said Dan Normand, CEO of Lifeflo Inc, Temecula, Calif. “DME owners hovered around the booth like we were the queen bee. I walked away from that knowing that we were on the right track, and knowing that we have to get this to market as quickly as we can and start building up the buzz.”

The three products in the Lifeflo pipeline are:

  • Lifeflo OTC Emergency Oxygen—FDA approved device designed to provide 6 Liters / Minute for 15-20 Minutes. No prescription is required and it has a 3-year shelf life.
  • Lifeflo Rx2.0 Supplemental Oxygen—FDA approved device designed to provide 2 Liters / Minute for 45-60 Minutes. This product does require a prescription from your Doctor. Prescription should read "Lifeflo Rx supplemental oxygen @ 2 LPM as needed."
  • Lifeflo Rx1.0 Newborn Oxygen—FDA approved device designed to provide .5-1 Liters / Minute for 3-4 Hours. This device has been developed to provide oxygen for newborn babies in developing countries.

In the cash-only realm, the Lifeflo OTC Emergency Oxygen (lifeflooxygen.com) acts as a life-saving technology that DME providers can use to expand sales and connect to the community in a meaningful way. “We believe that carrying this technology gives HME providers an opportunity to market a simple and affordable technology,” says Normand. “DME providers can sell this product without a prescription from the physician. People were shocked by that.”

For oxygen prescriptions, the Lifeflo Rx2.0 Supplemental Oxygen product amounts to two liters a minute for 45 minutes. “We filed a patent for this,” says Normand, “and it is the only oxygen “pill” that is available.”

Click here to see a video demonstration of Lifeflo.

Visit medtrade.com for more information.

—Greg Thompson