KANSAS CITY, Kan. (December 3, 2018)—Knit-Rite, Inc., a Kansas City-based manufacturer of medical textiles, introduces a new Core-Spun Patterned AFO Sock by SmartKnit now available through orthotists and practitioners.

Knit-Rite has long been a manufacturer of quality SmartKnit Seamless Socks made for adults and children who require ankle foot orthosis or AFOs. These socks are known for being soft, comfortable and a cool second layer of skin between the wearer and the AFO. Although color choices have been an option for years, these are the first patterned socks in the line.

With three choices available, the new patterns provide personality to brighten up AFO braces for adults and children. The Thin Line pattern is a white sock with grey and purple striping. The Cheery afO pattern is a black sock with bright blue doughnut-shaped spots throughout. Then Thin Line and Cheery afO patterns are available one pair per package. The third option for kids is Halo, which is a three-pack of socks in the same pattern, but in three different color combinations: a white sock with soft yellow striping; a grey sock with hunter green striping; and a black sock with bright blue striping. For adults, Knit-Rite will offer a Classic Diamond pattern.

Core-Spun Patterned AFO Socks by SmartKnit will have almost all the same features as KnitRite’s classic SmartKnit Seamless AFO Socks, with the exception of the seamless toe. The socks are made with the same super soft, stretchy and comfortable Core-Spun yarns. The fibers are moisture wicking, which keep the feet and legs dry and comfortably cool. Core-Spun Patterned AFO Socks by SmartKnit are sized in various lengths, which is identical to the classic SmartKnit AFO socks, ensuring the ability to fold over the AFO brace. The socks are wrinkle free, meaning they won’t slide around or bunch up to cause points of irritation.

Visit knitrite.com and smartknit.com for more information.