WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 15, 2016)—The Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation (CPPA) announced that it has accredited the specialty pharmacy practice model of KloudScript, Inc., a community-led specialty pharmacy care network, in partnership with one of its community pharmacy members, Doc’s Pharmacy. The announcement marks the first time a specialty-at-retail service provider and pharmacy provider have jointly received this industry-leading accreditation.

Doc’s Pharmacy is an independently owned pharmacy that has served patients throughout the state of Illinois for more than 38 years. Through its partnership with KloudScript, Doc’s Pharmacy delivers an innovative specialty‐at‐retail pharmacy solution.

“Patient experience is an important factor in specialty pharmacy care, influencing positive and cost‐effective outcomes for patients,” said CPPA executive director Lynnae Mahaney, BSPharm., MBA, FASHP. “CPPA’s accreditation of the partnership between Doc’s Pharmacy and KloudScript is a recognition of their commitment to quality and recognizes that KloudScript’s specialty pharmacy service model is aligned with the goals of improving outcomes and lowering health care costs.”

CPPA’s mission, which is unique among accreditors, is to serve public health by raising the level of pharmacy‐delivered patient care services through accreditation. CPPA provides a standardized method for recognizing exemplary pharmacy practices that promote practice innovation and empower pharmacists to practice at a higher level. CPPA recognizes pharmacy practices that are committed to fostering medication safety and effectiveness, ensuring continuous quality improvement and facilitating desired patient health outcomes.

“CPPA accreditation of KloudScript, with our founding pharmacy partner Doc’s Pharmacy, marks an important milestone for KloudScript and our unique specialty pharmacy offering, validating that personalized, specialty‐at‐retail care meets the highest standards of quality assurance in the industry,” said Dr. Rinku A. Patel, founder and CEO of KloudScript, Inc. “It is strong evidence for prescribers, patients, payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers that you can have confidence in KloudScript’s community-led specialty pharmacy care model.”

“We’re very proud to earn this important accreditation,” said Doc’s Pharmacy president Anthony Sartoris. “Our commitment is to improve access to high-quality health care in our community, and we are excited to have this validated by CPPA. KloudScript was an essential partner in helping us go through the CPPA accreditation process. The Doc’s Difference is in our people, our greatest asset and, more importantly, in our patients’ access to our pharmacists for face‐to‐face care right in the patient’s hometown.”

KloudScript offers its national network of pharmacy partners assistance with the CPPA accreditation process by providing specialized training, technology and support services to help them meet the rigorous standards of quality and care required by CPPA.

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