SAN JOSE, Calif. (August 17, 2016)—Kindred Healthcare Inc. recently implemented an electronic health records system to 179 hospice locations within a 10-week period. The Louisville-based organization—which acquired Gentiva in 2015 and is now the largest provider of post-acute care services in the country—is reaping an array of benefits as it manages both its home health and hospice care delivery with a consolidated, cloud-based electronic health records (EHR) platform from DeVero.

“The software is immensely popular with all of our users. In fact, clinicians are now getting their documentation done during their visits, something that rarely—if ever—happened when they were using paper,” said Brandon Ballew, COO at Kindred Home Health.

Indeed, while software purchases are often associated with remorse, leaders and clinicians at Kindred are experiencing “buyer’s rejoice” in the wake of the procurement and implementation of the DeVero home health and hospice information systems.

In fact, the move to DeVero, which offers its solutions via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, has resulted in a variety of advantages such as:

Lightning fast implementations. In addition to the recent hospice deployment, prior to its acquisition by Kindred, Gentiva rolled out DeVero’s point-of-care home health solution to 264 agencies in just 10 weeks, without experiencing any drop in productivity. The speed and scale of such a massive rollout was unparalleled and validated Gentiva’s decision to select DeVero as their software vendor.

Such quick implementations are made possible because of DeVero’s “simple yet powerful” solution enabled by its unique architecture and software technology. DeVero’s system is so easy to use that caregivers are able to learn and use it in the field with less than an hour of online training. DeVero’s adaptability allowed Kindred to continue to use their same forms for data collection, continue to use their same proprietary billing engine and use their same types of workflow so they did not have to completely re-engineer all their processes at the same time they were deploying a new system.

Economies of scale. DeVero’s flexibility makes it possible for organizations to leverage the DeVero platform across several business units—and, therefore, achieve significant economies of scale. As a result, DeVero customers such as Kindred can use the same platform to support multiple service lines including traditional Medicare-reimbursed skilled care, Medicaid-reimbursed care, hospice care, private duty and community non-skilled care, pediatrics care and others. The consolidated platform empowers organizations to streamline implementations, organizational processes and training. It allows patients to be tracked across the continuum care with a single patient chart and a consolidated record of all patient-related data whether created inside or outside of the DeVero platform.

“Our solutions are designed with a keen focus on the clinician’s needs. That’s where we focus our energies because we know that clinicians sit at the epicenter of care, and truly have a profound effect on quality. But the benefits extend far beyond the individual clinical user, as organizations can tap into a long list of efficiencies and advantages associated with using a consolidated system. Best of all, health care providers can leverage the data in our systems and turn it into the intelligence that will enable them to strategically move forward,” said Eric Gordon, vice president of sales at DeVero.

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