ATLANTA (August 3, 2016)—A 6-hour workshop on day one of Medtrade 2016 aims to shed light on medical document compliance. Joe Simanton, senior product owner, Computers Unlimited (makers of TIMS Software), will preside over the workshop, scheduled for 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m, October 31, 2016, at Medtrade.

“With reimbursements today, margins are thinner and there is no room for mistakes,” says Simanton, an 18-year veteran with Montana-based Computers Unlimited (Booth #1929). “We are using software not only to limit the mistakes people make, but also to allow workers to easily perform their jobs while using technology as a partner.”

Designed for existing and potential customers, the workshop will showcase software that focuses squarely on the user experience. “There are a lot of great people who work hard every day, in spite of the road blocks that get put in their way,” says Simanton. “I don’t think they get the recognition they deserve. Good, intuitive software can make them better at their jobs. We make one solution that is fully integrated, and able to handle everything that they need to do.”

Attendees at the six-hour workshop can expect an in-depth look at TIMS V7 Document Management software. Four features that will be covered in the workshop include:
1) Fully integrated forms design process that uses Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word technologies.
2) DME/HME Billing Rules Engine that can be setup by payer and product line to define each document that is required for reimbursement.
3) Each document and authorization record in TIMS contains its own independent workflow that automatically changes states as actions occur to trigger the next set of actions by users.
4) A document exchange system designed to exchange health care information from provider to provider and display that information to TIMS users with a single user experience.

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