NEW YORK (June 2, 2016)—QIRT (Quality In Real Time), provider of home health and hospice coding, consulting, billing and education services, announced today that A.D. Maxim and its subsidiary, CQI Coding and Quality Improvement, Inc., have joined QIRT. A.D. Maxim provides agencies with compliance consulting and oversight, ADR and appeal documentation and support, on-site staff and executive training, mock surveys, advisement and guidance in the start up of new agencies, development of plans of correction, preparation for survey or accreditation visits, coding/OASIS and Quality Assurance audits to facilitate growth and enhance financial performance.

QIRT’s established Clinical Consulting Division has previously provided services to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. With A.D. Maxim's expert staff joining QIRT’s ranks, the scope of QIRT’s Clinical Consulting Division’s scope will now be able match that of its Quality Division and expand nationally. In addition, the Clinical Consulting Division offerings in the compliance and education areas will also expand greatly to provide many additional services to QIRT’s customers.

“Due to new government payment programs, such as value-based payments, the home health care industry is looking into a future filled with both opportunity and uncertainty. While many large companies are answering these questions with offshore outsourcing, QIRT is taking a different approach to helping companies manage their risk. Arlene Maxim is a well respected, go-to person within this industry. Her approach to compliance is comparable to no other, and is reflected through the beliefs of her clients that without A.D. Maxim, agencies would not be able to weather the changes that are part of this industry. Together, QIRT and A.D. Maxim can do more and be more to our clients. We believe that with experts such as Arlene Maxim and her staff, we can provide our customers with all the expertise and quality they need to succeed, in one company,” said Laura Page-Greifinger, QIRT CEO and President.

Arlene Maxim, CEO and President of A.D. Maxim Consulting and Owner of CQI, agreed: “Laura is absolutely right. The homecare and hospice industry can no longer conduct business as usual. In the most recent 5 to 10 years, we have seen a paradigm shift from the quantity of services we provide to the quality of service provided to improve outcomes. Today quality is truly king. Opportunities are endless in making this shift in our homecare and hospice culture. Joining forces with QIRT allows us (QIRT and A.D. Maxim) to become uniquely positioned in providing the market with the most comprehensive, up-to-date solutions in addressing agency risks in today’s environment. The health care landscape is changing. Mergers and acquisitions are happening all across the United States. Today it just makes sense for the best and the brightest to come together in a collaborative fashion.”

In January 2015, QIRT diversified its offerings by adding Financial and Education Divisions to what had previously been mainly a quality coding and compliance business. At the same time, QIRT acquired LPG & Associates, a clinical consulting company, to become a full-service homecare industry support company. With the addition of A.D. Maxim, QIRT will now have an office and staff located in Troy, Michigan and will retain current offices in Floral Park, New York and Battle Creek, Michigan.

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