DALLAS, Texas (April 24, 2019)—Homecare Homebase (HCHB) a provider of mobile home health and hospice software has become the EMR solution for Hosparus Health, a not for profit hospice and palliative care provider serving over 8,000 patients and families throughout Kentucky and Indiana.

Hosparus Health had been looking for a user-friendly system to streamline documentation and offer greater efficiencies for clinicians working at the point of care—wherever a patient calls home. HCHB’s mobile cloud-based solution, PointCare, will allow Hosparus Health to deliver care to patients and families in a compliant, secure, real-time and cost-effective manner.

Phil Marshall, president and CEO of Hosparus Health said the company clearly saw the need for rapidly advancing technology in an industry with increasing regulation and complex “pay-for-performance” documentation. “One of the things we’re extremely excited about with HCHB is the numerous interface opportunities that will allow our systems to seamlessly talk with each other” said Marshall. “Compliance and quality reporting is critical for us—and we’ll now have better access to real-time reports on a daily basis. We also look forward to much needed dashboards that will allow for timely communication related to operations, maximizing our ability to make informed organizational decisions.”

Homecare Homebase President Scott Decker said the company is constantly enhancing its software to maximize the power of analytics and better understand the complex data in today’s home health and hospice environment. “From streamlined scheduling, workflow and billing to improved staffing and retention, we’re doing everything possible to offer smart data solutions so agencies can spend less time on paperwork and more time with patients.”

Hosparus Health included staff at various levels in the organization in the selection process and has been meeting with team members to review current processes and share best practices before implementation begins. According to Marshall, “We had positive staff feedback after the initial on-site demo—especially from others who have used the HCHB solution at previous organizations. We think most people are positive about the change—and we look forward to working closely with the local team in HCHB’s Louisville office.”

Visit hchb.com for more information.