BURKBURNETT, Texas (April 8, 2021)—HomeWell Care Services a non-medical in-home care provider, announced the relaunch of their foundational Life Enrichment & Activities Program (LEAP). The program aims to provide enrichment in clients’ homes enhancing care beyond the typical assistance with activities of daily living. 

The company was founded with the original LEAP program to proactively address the negative effects of social isolation and loneliness for all clients. The program is one of the most popular and well received services the company offers because it helps to build a rapport between the client and caregiver and ultimately increases both client and caregiver satisfaction.

“Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our clients by engaging in a variety of activities they know and enjoy. Activities that include everything from cooking, playing cards or putting together a puzzle to outdoor pastimes such as gardening, going for walks or bird watching. We want to encourage our clients to experience new things, at whatever level they can participate, to enjoy what they once missed or to continue to do what they love to do, but now with the companionship of a HomeWell caregiver,” said Michelle Cone, SVP Training and Brand Programs at HomeWell Care Services.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, isolation protocols were enforced by implementing stay at home orders. For the most vulnerable segments of the population, this meant not being able to go to the places they once enjoyed, engaging in activities, or seeing the people for which they are closest. 

Crystal Franz, HomeWell CEO addsed, “By dusting off our foundational program and relaunching it with updated tools and resources for our franchisees, we are ensuring our clients that there is more to life than simply existing. Increasing their levels of engagement helps their overall quality of life, which has become especially apparent this past year as we’ve navigated the COVID pandemic.”

HomeWell franchisees will be able to leverage tools and resources to assess whether a client is at-risk of social isolation, identify activities they might enjoy, and utilize the company’s vendor partnership to purchase activities and games.