DALLAS (October 11, 2019)—Home health and hospice software provider Homecare Homebase (HCHB) confirmed the successful launch of HCHB Exchange, the newest tool to enhance “interoperability” and create fast, easy connections among varied home-based care providers.

Since its debut in mid-June, HCHB Exchange has been used by the Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) of Colorado for more than 13,000 seamless transactions, streamlining connections with physicians, hospitals, pharmacy and other patient care providers.

With an aging population requiring multiple, specialized home-based services and separate providers, the ability to share patient data is critical for consistent, quality care. HCHB Exchange provides an on-ramp to quickly and easily send and receive patient information across the vast landscape of national providers.

HCHB Exchange users enjoy instant access to Surescript’s Record Locator and Exchange service, which enables easy exchange of clinical data among more than 100,000 clinicians nationwide, plus more than 600,000 care providers connected through Carequality and the CommonWell Health Alliance.

“Surescripts Record Locator & Exchange meets the unique needs of long-term and post-acute care providers by dramatically improving efficiency during transitions of care,” explained Tara Dragert, vice president of Product Innovation at Surescripts.

“With this capability integrated into their electronic workflow, HCHB Exchange users can easily connect to a nationwide network of clinicians and patients and gain access to historical patient care records, regardless of care setting or location,” said Dragert.

HCHB Exchange is part of the larger HCHB Connect Suite, which supports and streamlines patient referrals, clinician signatures and rapidly growing Population Health Management needs.

HCHB President Scott Decker said the company is “pleased but not surprised” by the early success of HCHB Exchange. “We’ve spent significant resources in developing cutting-edge solutions for enhanced interoperability for our software users. This is a clear indication that it’s working—and we’ll continue to invest heavily in this area.”

As for the VNA of Colorado, nurses and clinicians could not be more pleased. Christopher Lee, president and CEO stated that “In just two months, we’ve gone from electronic faxing, verbal and written requests to instant access and answers—including approvals and real-time patient data we can now use to deliver the best care possible.”

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