DALLAS, Texas (June 8, 2021)—Homecare Homebase (HCHB), a home health and hospice software provider has announced a new exclusive partnership with Corridor to offer specialized coding and documentation review services for HCHB’s agency customers. Founded in 1989, Corridor is the nation’s largest provider of outsourced coding and clinical documentation improvement services to home health and hospice providers.

In this new partnership, Corridor will deliver its capabilities as part of HCHB Services. HCHB Services customers are paired with a Corridor team of certified experts who understand the best practices when working with HCHB coding workflows.

Although the two companies have been working closely for years, the new arrangement is designed to help tackle the complex coding requirements—and increased impact coding has on reimbursement and quality reporting—created by the regulatory shift from pay for service to pay for performance models in home-based care.

Scott Decker, HCHB president and CEO, addressed the value of the new partnership for HCHB customers. “With the constant regulatory changes in our industry, we want our customers to have the best tools and resources to capture all essential data for optimal reimbursements. Corridor’s deep expertise not only with complex coding, but with our systems and software will help agencies to survive and thrive under the staffing, timing and financial challenges of today’s regulatory environment.”

Corridor is excited to further the partnership with Homecare Homebase as well. The prevalence of HCHB among home health and hospice providers and the solution’s scalable, intuitive, workflow-based technology make HCHB a preferred software for Corridor experts.

“Accurate coding will be critical for appropriate reimbursement, sustained profitability and provable care quality in this new era of pay-for performance care,” said Corridor CEO Des Varady. “We’re the perfect partner to further strengthen HCHB’s robust technology and services offerings, and jointly empower exceptional patient care and results for our mutual customers.”

Coding quality and clinical documentation accuracy are increasing in importance under value-based payment models. Accurate coding and well-vetted clinical documentation are the foundation for creating the necessary data to prove quality to both payers and referral partners. By combining HCHB’s technology with Corridor’s expertise, agencies will be in an excellent position to retain, compete for and win patient referrals and obtain fair, full reimbursement.

Brandy Sparkman-Beierle, SVP of tech-enabled services has seen ROI from the right combination of coding and software resources first-hand during her time working as a care provider. “The shortage of expert staff and the quickly changing regulatory landscape will continue to show the value of outsourcing administrative work so agencies can focus on care. Partnerships like this between Homecare Homebase and Corridor will only increase in importance.”

Visit corridorgroup.com and hchb.com for more information.